Meet Us

"Where the DUST crumbles"

We are a home bakery delivery service that specializes in Traditional and Non Traditional cookies flavors. We are based out of Southeast Houston, TX and we began this business as the world quarantined due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. With nothing but time on our hands, we birthed our passion for creating baked goods. 

We learned that a few ingredients, time, and love is all you need in order to create delicious foods, and that's exactly what we do. Using those few elements, we produce classic and modern flavored cookies. We perfected the craft of baking and began to deliver our cookies to family and friends. Shortly after, we received training and licenses to launch a home-based business that we now call Cookie Dust Bakery. 

Our cookies are flavored based, and the secret is in our dough. When baked, our cookies are soft, chewy, delicious, and just the right size! 

Cookie Dust is "where the DUST crumbles".

Who's Talking about Cookie Dust?

"Birthday Cake is my Favorite!! Pure celebration in your mouth!"


"Those doggone cookies were so good! I snacked on them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a midnight snack, be ready for my next order!"


"What separates Cookie Dust from others is the batter, it tastes just as yummy as the toppings!"


OMG..... Cookie Dust!! These cookies are so... addictive!! Cant get enough!


So far I've had the sugar, chocolate chip, birthday cake, and oatmeal cookie. They were ALL DELICIOUS!!! Can't wait to taste what else you have in store for us!!